Top 5 Detox Water Recipe | Detox Water For Flat Tummy

Detox Water Recipe

Detox Water Recipe: These DIY Infused Waters Are Refreshing and Taste Great
detox water.

Diane Macdonald/Moment Open/Getty Images, simply water with a combination of sliced fruit, vegetables, herbs, and spices added to it.but what detox water can do is help people drink more fluids by infusing a hint of flavor into plain water. These no- or low-calorie drinks are a great alternative to diet sodas, caffeinated beverages, and powdered drink mixes.

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In the body, water helps to flush out waste products, prevents constipation,1 helps with mineral and nutrient absorption, lubricates joints, moistens tissues, and has many other vital roles. Even mild dehydration can lead to tiredness2 (by the time you feel thirsty, you may already be slightly dehydrated).

Detox Water Recipe

before meals may help with weight loss by making people feel full.1 (Although detox water is the water can help target abdominal fat).


Detox Water Recipe
Cucumber, Lemon, and Basil Water
Lemon detox water
Cathy Wong
Although no precise measurements are usually necessary when making infused water, a good balance of flavors can be achieved with the following ingredients:

10 cucumber slices
1 lemon slice, cut in half
3 basil leaves
the refrigerator for approximately 24 hours.

I (the bitter white part underneath the colorful outer skin), you can remove before adding it to the water. Detox Water Recipe


Pear, Ginger, and Lime Water
Pear ginger-lime water
Cathy Wong

2 slices of pear, cut into smaller pieces
1 slice of lime, cut in half
1/4 inch thin slice of ginger

Add the ingredients to a glass and fill it with water.


Detox Water
Orange and Mint Water
Orange mint water
Cathy Wong

2 slices of peeled orange
2 mint leaves
The pith (the white part under the orange peel) tastes bitter, so be sure to remove it.


Grapefruit and Thyme Water
Grapefruit Thyme Water
Cathy Wong

2 grapefruit slices
1 small pinch of fresh thyme (keep it on the stem)
Cut the grapefruit slice into pieces or segments.

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Add a small piece of thyme. Fill the glass with water.

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