Top 5 Detox Retreat & Destinations In California

Detox Retreat In California: The ideal opportunity to detoxify, tone, and reset your body before beach season. These California retreats may not be all R&R—think colonics, early-morning wake-up calls, and mandatory exercise classes—but they’ll kick-start the metabolism and rebalance the mind. From a model-favorite juice fast in the desert to a luxury boot camp in Malibu, here are five West Coast escapes that will give your system a spring cleaning.

Golden Door, San Marcos, CA

Guests at this more-than-600-acre resort—founded in 1958 as a health spa for Hollywood starlets and revamped last year—drop pounds and get pampered while staying in private ikebana-adorned villas surrounded by Japanese gardens. A weeklong stay includes access to a wide range of fitness classes—archery, cardio dance, swimming—as well as six massages, four skin-care treatments, one mani-pedi, and a blowout or deep-conditioning treatment. Bodywork sessions like acupuncture, energy healing, and “chakra clearing” are also on the menu. And staff nutritionists are on hand to help guests make the most of the meals, which are sourced from the on-site biodynamic farm run by Steve Jobs’s former garden designer.

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The Ranch at Live Oak, Malibu

At this fitness-focused hacienda housed on what was once silent-film star William Boyd’s ranch in the Santa Monica Mountains, you’ll surrender your smartphone while exercising four to five hours per day—and opting out is not an option. Guests get fit through yoga, targeted toning work, and intense hiking on the property’s network of trails, while daily massages work out the kinks. The strict yet palate-pleasing vegetarian menu—which cuts out alcohol, caffeine, and processed sugars from your diet—relies on organic ingredients, many of which are grown on the premises.

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THE DESERT DETOX | Detox Retreat In California

We Care Spa, Desert Hot Springs, CA
Just about every boldfaced name in Hollywood and fashion—Gisele Bündchen, Heidi Klum, Liv Tyler—has spent a few days at this storied hideaway devoted to fasting, purification, and spiritual renewal. Three-, six-, or eight-day stays include a liquid diet of juices and soups, probiotics, and nutritional supplements, as well as a lineup of treatments ranging from colon hydrotherapy and lymphatic stimulation to mineralizing mud wraps. Guests lose an average of seven pounds per week—and gain peace of mind, thanks to Reiki, yoga, breath-work classes, and serene mountain views from the on-site gardens and pool.



The Ashram, Calabasas, CA

The exercise regimen may be grueling and the lodging frills-free, but that hasn’t stopped stars like Amber Valletta and Oprah from staying at this notoriously hard-core hideaway (think 6:00 a.m. wake-up calls and precisely metered-out snacks) near Malibu. Roughly eighteen-mile hikes and organic vegetarian meals from the on-site garden help guests streamline their silhouettes, while water volleyball games in the pool and a famously nurturing staff help to keep the mood light.

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