Best 3 day detox diet Plan (FRIDAY – SUNDAY)

Best 3 day detox diet Plan (FRIDAY – SUNDAY)

3 day detox diet: we are going to be recommending you some three-day cleanse diet to undo the vacation or Holiday Damage or indulgent Weekend? this cleanse diet is used commonly and it works quickly and effectively.

3-day detox diet Plan (FRIDAY – SUNDAY)

Furthermore, they are many good detox diets that some experts use to recommend but note that not all plan works for every dieter. because every dieter is different. but this plan we are recommending, however, is general enough and very simple to follow it up and help anyone to reclaim their body after a few days.

Why Should Detox Be Used 3-Days?

this a really good to ask and for you to get to know why. Detox is used 3-day because after you come back home from work travel or a fun vacation with friends we often eat a lot of junk food then we should and at times even forget to workout. most times you might feel very heavy, Bloated and out of sync. this should sound familiar right?

after all this while will you return to your healthy eating habits and expect your body to slowly respond and go back to your normal weight, so most of us we prefer the faster way to fix it. this 3-day detox diet helps you to feel better, clean up your eating habits and lose the extra vacation pounds as well.

Note that you can use this program to get ready for a special event or after you have taken some unhealthy overeating junk during the holiday or a special weekend. and bear in mind that is not meant for quick, drastic weight loss. instead, the program follows Good Eating Guidelines Established by the USDA. (

3-Day Cleanse Diet Can it Help Me Detox?

some will do a detox to cleanse the body from the unhealthy food which they have eaten from a vacation or a holiday. and in other to get your fitness back, you will have to take the 3 days to cleanse diet.

Note that during the 3-day plan, you will have to eat a lot of natural foods. this will help you change the way you taste food so you no longer have to crave the salty, Crunchy high-fat foods which you have gotten used to during the holiday.

Steps On the 3-Day Cleanse

3 day detox diet

here are the simple and easy steps you have to take. the steps require no special or hard way to find foods.

  • Upon Arising – Ginger Lemon Detox Drink
  • LUNCH – Sushi Salad (or optional green salad)
  • Afternoon Snack – Activated almonds
  • Dinner – Potassium Balance Soup
  • Desser – Chia Pudding
  • After Dinner – Chamomile Tea

we do hope this Article on 3-Days Detox Plan was really helpful and in case you have any question you can use the comment box below;


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